Civil Aviation Wings of the United Kingdom

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Civil Aviation Wings of the United Kingdom is a first of its kind guide of wings and logos used by airlines, corporate, clubs and associations of the United Kingdom. This guide has over 900 photographs and drawings of wings, and hundreds of logos, lapel pins, car badges and of aircraft covering over 800 aviation related entities and most in color. This book is not a comprehensive record of all the airlines and aviation companies that have ever operated in the United Kingdom, but it attempts to include as many as possible and includes brief details of operations, bases and aircraft deployed. The book is broadly divided into four sections: 1. The first section contains commercial airlines, air taxi and executive air charter companies and any company that has or had aircraft available for commercial hire to the general public, flying training schools, companies providing aerial survey or photography etc. This section also includes those corporate operators that have made their aircraft available for general commercial hire for a substantial part of the time. 2. The second section contains badges and information on corporate operators i.e. companies operating their own aircraft for the purpose of transporting their executives and customers and goods. This section also includes some corporations, which have subsequently offered their aircraft for general commercial hire for a certain period of time. 3. The third section views flying clubs, aerial display teams and ‘official’ organizations such as the British Gliding Association, Aircraft Owners & Pilots’ Association, Air Scouts and so on. 4. The last section views generic wings many of which were sold in airport flight shops and drawings of wings that have been taken from stencils of manufacturers that are unknown. This book is a must reference book for wing collectors and those interested in British aviation.